Two Wolf an American Hard-Rock Band!
Great Songwriting. High Energy Performances.

Darren Rogers


Darren Rogers – Darren Rogers is an award winning songwriter and lead vocalist from Atlanta,Georgia.

He has written and performed with some of the biggest names in the business, including multi platinum, Grammy winning producer Dave Pensada, Kerry Livgren of Kansas, Peter Stroud of Sheryl Crow, Pat Thrall of Hughes Thrall, Sundogs,Ted Nugent, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, Brian Howe, Mothers Finest, Chuck Level, Joan Jett, Matchbox 20, Iron Maiden, Kenny Wayne Shepard, and believe it or not,The Beastie Boys, just to name a few.

Darren’s sultry style, soaring vocals and hard rock sensibility adds another shining facet to the gem that is TWO WOLF.

Brad Sayre


Brad Sayre – Lead Guitarist and Vocalist.  For Brad, it’s all about the guitar. Or at least it started that way. Brad Sayre picked one up around the age of 5, and by his teens found himself featured in bands touring the United States, signing his first record deal in Nashville at 18 years old.

By the early 80’s Brad was cast as one of the original shredders on the touring circuit. In 1982 Danny Joe Brown (Lead singer of Molly Hatchet) hired Brad to complete a tour after losing members of The Danny Joe Brown Band. Working with Danny Joe Brown gave Brad the bigger stages and exposure he needed, and within months was signed by JAB Records, as lead guitarist vocalist in the power trio Messendger.

Within 6 months of the release of Messendger’s first album, “Billboard Magazine” was hailing Brad Sayre a virtuoso in rock. The Atlanta Journal – Constitution” and Creative Loafing proclaimed Messendger, “absolutely Georgia’s best heavy metal band” . Messendger was the first band from Georgia on MTV and Cream Magazine inducted the band into their “Heavy Metal Hall of Fame”. The band was recognized as “Best New Act” at the “Georgia Hall of Fame Awards” the same year. Messendger signed a distribution deal with the french label, Bermett Records and continued headlining and working as a support act for some of the biggest names in rock.

As Brad’s reputation grew, he was able to record and tour with national acts while continuing to work on his own material. Though known as a heavy rock player, Brad challenged himself to explore other styles of music. He recorded with the band The Beats, with some of Athens GA’s finest musicians including Peter Buck of REM. In the 90’s Brad became Melanie’s touring lead guitarist and vocalist, performing her style of folk while exploring his quieter side of writing, but he never faltered when an opportunity to rock presented itself. Brad wrote and recorded with the alternative band SLAB; while touring the world with Dr. Hook, featuring “Ray Sawyer”, as lead guitarist and vocalist. Eventually he left Ray Sawyer to peruse his solo career.

Greg T. Walker


Greg T. Walker – Bass Guitar-Eastern Branch of the Florida Muskogee Creek Tribe.

At the age of five, Greg T. was given a Ukelele and began his musical journey. Piano lessons began at six and, at the age of ten formed his first band with two childhood friends who he had started kindergarten with.

Eight years later these three, along with two other friends became known as the group Blackfoot. The fifth member left after one year and the remaining four never looked back. Except for a few “hiccups” in the early years, they would tour the world for the next seventeen years on the strengths of live shows and Gold and Platinum albums.

During one of these “hiccups” Greg T. and another member joined Lynyrd Skynyrd for a short time, recorded a lot of music that would come out on future LS records.
For many years afterward Greg T., along with Jakson Spires recorded various CD’s as a rhythm section for artists, continued writing together and making demos when schedules permitted. Greg T. wrote and recorded commercials and released his solo project “Warrior’s Pride” in 1998 with his new band NDN, earning multiple NAMA nominations in various categories. 

In 2002 and 2003 he did a few “mini tours” as bassists for the Pat Travers Band along with drummer Simon Wright.

In 2004 he reformed Blackfoot with two of the three founding members and recruited former member Bobby Barth on lead guitar/lead vocal.

On March 16, 2005 Jakson passed away from a brain hemorrhage but the band continued touring America and Europe with other drummers and guitarists. A live DVD was filmed and released in 2007. By July 2011 Greg T. was the only original, founding member left and on December 31, 2011, it ended.

His most recent release is a five song EP as the bassist with friends in Paris, France called Lloyd Project.

Greg Thompson


Greg Thompson – Drums

Former drummer for the internationally renowned Led Zeppelin touring group Zoso, playing sold out shows all across the United States, Japan, Argentina and Brazil. Touring Drum Clinician and Teacher – John Bonham drum clinics.